We know we are professional at our work and we seek to prove this to our clients.

An initial investment in our customer
In the beginning of cooperation, we train our client’s personnel to complete the source accounting documents, provide with document templates, and consult on the accounting policy as well as tax planning issues without any additional consideration. For each client, whose accounting we take over from other accountants, we carry out an initial accounting and tax review, i.e. determine the quality of bookkeeping in the company.

Result-oriented approach
Over the past 20 years, we have serviced over 500 customers. In our activities, we control the ongoing processes behaving with the highest standards of ethics and transparency.

Head of the company Arūnas Šikšta

“We are in continuous search
for new strategic business
development and financial management solutions”

Arūnas Šikšta, MBA

Over 30 years of leadership experience in establishing, growing, reorganizing, and creating value for investors and shareholders in big businesses in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. Working as a board member, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer on financial, insurance, commercial banks, information technology, and telecommunication markets (Lithuanian Savings Bank; Hansabank Lithuania, AB; Hansabank Estonia, AS; Swedbank, AB; Lietuvos Telekomas; TEO, AB / Telia, AB; Telekom Latvia; Gjensidige Norway, AB; the Open Lithuanian Fund (OLF); BBBSI USA).